Corporate Fitness Program

Corporate Wellness Program

Oakland's Best Corporate Wellness is a group of premium health and fitness providers in our area. We partner with clients to deliver a wide variety of corporate health and wellness initiatives, resources and services. From small businesses to national enterprises, our wellness team designs and strategizes to find solutions to meet the wellness and fitness goals set for both employers and employees alike – on site and offsite.

Certainly, you'll agree there are elements of both science and art in the implementation of a corporate wellness program. The science combines probing research, behavioral change theory along with best practices needed to reinforce the principle that a healthier lifestyle may reduce the risk of injuries on the job, produce positive individual results, and help manage health care costs. Art comes into the actual design and customization of each corporate health and fitness program, its services, marketing, educational messages and communication materials so that each will fit the needs of every individual within the corporation.

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