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If you prefer working in a fun interactive group setting, while working in tandem with your personal trainer, then you're in the right place! Oakland's Best Personal Trainers' classes will help you look better, grow stronger and move more quickly! Our skilled trainers are constantly varying the workouts in order to ensure that you'll see gains in stablity, balance, core, strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance.

The Body Burner

Whether you are looking to burn extra calories or just blow off some steam after work, The Body Burner is is the class for you. It's a high intensity, metabolic conditioning class featuring cardio drills, intense intervals and other sweat filled exercises that will keep you feeling challenged and get you in shape.

The Body Conditioner

This class focuses on strengthening and muscular endurance, as well as training your body to metabolize more efficiently. Members of this class participate in timed intervals including kettlebell swings, rope slams, medicine ball reps, TRX work and rest. This class maximizes your workouts as we teach you to train smarter.

Your Body Strength

ATTENTION BODY BUFFS: This is the class built for everyone ready to step-up their game. We focus on building more muscle, strength and stamina. You'll look forward to Bulgarian Bag work, Kettlebell reps in addtion to Olympic bar work with weight lifting and many more muscle-building workouts!

Nutrition and Milestones

Regular compositional check-ins (lean body mass/body fat) and nutrition info will give proper direction to any exercise program. Without it, success is most certainly only a roll of the dice. We endeavor to give you maximum results, not just “wish you well”.

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