Oakland's best is home to a wide variety of expertly trained health and fitness professionals. We are relentless in our determination to develop unique solutions to get your body from the very start to expected results. You’ll never be bored by the same old workout. We take pride in providing diverse workouts with built in progressions to keep you inspired and motivated! We put overcrowded gums to shame with all their commercial exercise equipment. With us, you'll find kettlebells, sleds, trx suspension system, traditional strength machines, tires and muay thai bags...variety is the name of our game! Step into our unique spaces best suited for personalized workouts and total body fitness. Here, our expertly trained, professional personal trainers work with a diverse clientele and can draw upon vast and varied modalities in General Fitness, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Sports Performance Coaching, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Functional Training, and Pilates.

Getting Started

If you're new to fitness or have been absent for more than a few months, we recommend you begin here. Complete 2 one-on-one sessions to familiarize yourself with our methods and movements. If you’ve been working out consistently for more than three months see our Group Class schedule below and Enroll now!

Darrell Jones III


Darrell, born and raised in Marin County, earned his degree in Sports Management from California Polytechnic State University. After college, he played pro-football for 3 years before beginning his sports management career within the San Francisco 49’ers player personnel department. With a strong desire to create his own business, he launched a Real Estate Investment Corporation and co-founded Fit Evolution. Darrell’s love for traveling and experiencing different cultures around the world continuously impacts his personal and professional growth. His commitment to taking on new and unforgettable adventures allows him to bring a unique approach to his business and client offerings. Darrell is an active leader and member of several youth sports organizations & mentorship programs throughout the Bay Area.

Lisa Baugh

Co-founder / Personal Trainer/ Entrepreneur
With 6 years in the field, Lisa Alice developed the fitness lifestyle brand Better Body Fitness, which services the community with predominantly female-based personal training, group training, spin classes, nutritional, weight loss, and weight-lifting programs and wellness retreats! Certified in indoor cycling, competitive kettlebell, and TRX, Lisa incorporates pieces of each of these training styles into her program. Health is Better Body's first priority... Everything else naturally falls into place.

Brenda Cross

Operations director
Brenda moved to California 11 years ago and immediately fell in love with the Bay Area’s rich and diverse culture. After landing her 1st job in customer service, she knew she had found her passion: helping others and supporting local businesses. Brenda likes to see things run smoothly, that’s why she is a natural fit as our Operations Director. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that each and every client at Fit Evolution receives the All-Star Treatment. When she’s not behind the desk, fiercely typing away, you can catch her cruising through the streets on her bicycle or testing a new recipe from one of her favorite food bloggers.

James Robinson

Personal Trainer
With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, and even longer being apart of various team sports, James has amassed many different certifications to improve his quality of training. Through his journey, he learned that for a person to attain their goal in fitness and in life, it comes down to just a few key things: 1st: How badly do you want to change? 2nd: Are you confident enough to let go of what you think you know? And 3rd: Do you have a strong support team behind you? If you're willing to take care of #1, James is willing and able to assist you with #2 and #3.

Nick McAvoy

Personal Trainer
Nick’s goal as a trainer is to provide clients with guidance on how to reach a high level of physical fitness and improve movement efficiency. Nick believes that hard work combined with individualized programming can help anyone achieve a greater quality of life. As an aspiring physical therapist, Nick’s major focus for training programs is to achieve pain-free full range of motion throughout the body. He comes from an athletic background, playing basketball, soccer, and football. To stay active his hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, swimming and climbing. He encourages all his clients to consider fitness as a lifestyle; a fully functional body is earned in great part by the work done outside the gym.

Shirley Maycon

class instuctor
Shirley’s fitness career began more than 20 years ago and everyday she still finds a new source of inspiration ranging from marathon events, bodybuilding competitions, and how she looks in her new Lululemon gear. She combines her education from AFAA Group Exercise, Johnny G Mad Dogg Spin Fitness, Keiser M3 Indoor Cycling Certifications with her own first-hand knowledge gained through experience to create fun, motivating, and results-driven group classes for her clients. She stays fit by doing cardio & weights at least 5 times a week and eating clean 90% of the time. Knowing that exercise is not just an event, but part of a healthy lifestyle, she keeps motivated and continues to motivate others.

Johnathan Pak

Spin instructor

Jonathan is a certified personal trainer and spin instructor. His spin classes are filled with tricky, sexy dance moves that help you burn calories and destress after your long work day. If you are a fan of Aaliyah, Drake, Beyonce, or Disclosure, this is the class for you! Ride, laugh and sweat!

Tiffany Traynum


For Tiffany, the gym is her playground, her therapy, her heart. Tiffany “TrainEm” discovered her passion for fitness & strength training, on her way to recovery after battling alcohol abuse. 7 years sober and 40+ pounds lighter, Tiffany is both mentally and physically stronger than she has ever been. Tiffany is now living her dream as a certified NASM Personal Trainer - training and empowering women and men in her community to achieve the personal fitness goals they could have never imagined. Tiffany knows first-hand that physical health, confidence and results in the gym translate into success outside of the gym. As Tiffany’s client, she will work closely with you to improve all functional abilities, including flexibility, core stabilization, strength, power, and cardio respiratory endurance, giving you the fitness results you want - in combination with the sense of balance and well-being your body needs for you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Jay Marchi


Jay, a native San Franciscan, became interested in fitness and rehab after experiencing a high school football back injury. Since graduating from Sonoma State University with a degree in Science/ Kinesiology, he has spent 10+ years in Physical Therapy clinics as a rehab aide and trainer. Jay’s integrated approach towards injury prevention and athletic performance enables his clients to reach their health and wellness goals. As a seasoned baseball player, he also coaches youth baseball throughout the year.

Bre Peters


Bre is our newest spin instructor to Fit Evolution. She brings a class full of high energy, great tunes, and a full body workout that leaves you wanting more and more. Her love for basketball and shooting hoops keeps her in shape and ready to kick your butt!! Bre has a soft spot for newbies, so everyone is always welcome. Join her every Tuesday night at 6pm.

Jackie Acosta

Personal Trainer

Fitness has always been a big part of my life because of my amazing mother. She kept us active throughout our childhood and fed us healthy, delicious foods. My knowledge of health and fitness continued to expand during my career at a high-end nutritional company. I am certified in Precision Nutrition and NASM certified, which is 1 of the top fitness certifications in the industry. I will teach you to train in proper form to avoid injury and show you innovative ways to train to always keep the workouts fun and exciting. Plus, I can create meal plans customized just for you to help you with the nutrition aspect of your fitness journey. I am extremely passionate about health and fitness and I am here to help you crush your goals!

Ericka Kelly


Ericka Kelly is a registered Yoga and Barre instructor. Her foundation stems from a professional dance career. At the end of her cheerleading contracts with the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns, her love for fitness amplified. In 2014, she completed her 200hr RYT certification with focus on vinyasa and meditation. In addition to a Barre fitness certification
acquired in 2015, Ericka has continued her wellness education in Street Yoga (trauma informed yoga), Goddess Yoga (a women's empowerment practice),
and Y12SR (addiction recovery and prevention). Ericka believes that wellness is for EVERY BODY, no matter age, gender, race, or physical ability. In her all-levels classes, you can expect to be challenged in a safe space at a steady pace. All while honoring YOUR body and breath as you need to find a better sense of self-awareness and acceptance.

Tinah Bean


Tinah transformed her lifestyle - from never even picking up a weight to competing in fitness bodybuilding competitions. This transformation taught her that fitness isn't just about looking good, but empowering yourself to reach your highest potential.
Tinah helps her clients with weight loss, nutrition, toning, body sculpting and overall wellness programs through workouts ranging from functional movement, HIIT, circuit training, strength/power training, core and stabilization exercises. Additionally, she incorporates self-myofascial release and stretching.
Hard work, consistency with a plan, and heart is all it takes to reach your goals. Tinah will guide you in the right direction whether you are looking to improve your quality of life, feel better physically, or just want fun and creative workouts.

Nikolai Littleton

Personal Trainer

Nikolai discovered his passion for health and fitness through playing soccer in his youth. In college, through committed practice and sports education, he transformed his body and fitness abilities. Inspired by this experience, he knew that he wanted to help people and young athletes achieve the same success. To get himself amped up for his own personal workouts, Nikolai watches YouTube videos of his favorite athletes. This motivates him to work hard and strive for greatness. Nikolai’s clients benefit from his expertise in speed & agility training, pad boxing, soccer techniques, and strength & conditioning. By teaching mind/body connection, his clients learn how to push through to their personal best while preventing injury and fatigue. Nikolai’s goal is help his clients achieve life-long results by integrating a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine.

Anthony Jones

Personal Trainer

Anthony Jones is a true native of Oakland, California. His athletic journey began at Oakland high school, where he played football and baseball. While attending SFSU on a full-ride baseball scholarship, he was drafted in the 10th round by the SF giants. After his baseball career, Anthony earned the
opportunity to play football in the Canadian Football League for the Edmonton Eskimos. A pivotal point in Anthony’s life came when his dad passed away with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 53. This motivated him to expand his knowledge in nutrition and fitness in order to help others prevent serious health conditions. He became a certified Performance
specialist and Nutrition specialist working primarily with athletes. At the age of 55 and with over 15 years in the fitness industry, Anthony continues to perform in organized baseball at a high level. As a trainer, he enjoys working with all clients to enhance their athletic abilities and make permanent lifestyle changes.

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