Oakland's best is home to a wide variety of expertly trained health and fitness professionals. We are relentless in our determination to develop unique solutions to get your body from the very start to expected results. You’ll never be bored by the same old workout. We take pride in providing diverse workouts with built in progressions to keep you inspired and motivated! We put overcrowded gums to shame with all their commercial exercise equipment. With us, you'll find kettlebells, sleds, trx suspension system, traditional strength machines, tires and muay thai bags...variety is the name of our game! Step into our unique spaces best suited for personalized workouts and total body fitness. Here, our expertly trained, professional personal trainers work with a diverse clientele and can draw upon vast and varied modalities in General Fitness, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Sports Performance Coaching, Pre & Post Natal Fitness, Functional Training, and Pilates.

Getting Started

If you're new to fitness or have been absent for more than a few months, we recommend you begin here. Complete 2 one-on-one sessions to familiarize yourself with our methods and movements. If you’ve been working out consistently for more than three months see our Group Class schedule below and Enroll now!

Our Location

Fit Evolution

4139 Piedmont Ave,

Oakland, CA 94611

Phone. 510-394-2269