Wellness and Body Work

Wellness and Body Work

Therapeutic Massage helps everyone experience the benefits of muscle therapy. Our finely-skilled therapists incorporate a variety of therapeutic methods- from A.R.T. to deep tissue, Pre & Post Natal as well as Orthopedic in to each session! Benefits include adhesion breakdown and removal of toxins including lactic acid and metabolic waste. Massage also relaxes the muscles and increases circulation.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is an excellent method of pain relief and can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to traditional medical practice or even surgery in some cases. Our chiropractors have concluded that discomfort and pain in the body stems from mis-alignment of your musculoskeletal structure. Whether falling, repetitive stress, or other traumatic events were the cause of your injury, chiropractic care can help improve and restore joint mobility and diminish pain.

Physical Therapy

The path to recovery is not often easy. Our physical therapists work in association with the doctor and personal trainer to develop and implement the program that best suits you. We offer expertise in joint and soft tissue mobilizations, neuromuscular re-education, rehabilitative Pilates, gait assessment, therapeutic exercise prescription, traction, massage, balance training, posture awareness ultrasound, and electronic stimulation.

Will I need a doctor's referral for physical therapy?

Although not required, we prefer that you have a physician's referral for physical therapy in order that we treat you based on your doctor's diagnosis. If you don't have one, though, we will perform a thorough physical examination. However, before implementing treatment on any particular condition, we do require an appropriate diagnosis, but not necessarily a prescription. Here's why: we want to establish that your symptoms are not the result of a serious medical condition. Physical therapists are not authorized to diagnose medical conditions, but rather, they are trained to rehabilitate the body.

Doctor in Sports Medicine

In an effort to ever improve, we deliver the most comprehensive care to our clients- which now includes sports medicine. What a great acquisition to our catalogue of professional services! Oakland's Best Physical Trainers is proud to announce our partnership with sports medicine and rehabilitation therapists and physicians, some even come with professional team affiliations! The chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists all specialize in the management and treatment of chronic and acute performance arts and sports related injuries.

Wellness and Nutrition

At the core of everything our nutritionists do, is the belief that life is about choices we make and that anything is possible. Your wellness then, should be defined by the presence of energy, vitality, contentment and alertness- not merely by the absence of disease!
Our nutritionists take a holistic approach to your health and wellness by working with each one in order to cultivate a deeper understanding of the lifestyle choices in regard to food that will work best for them. Your customized program should drastically improve your health and happiness. We will explore your specific concerns about your body and give you the tools you'll use for a lifetime of balance.

Once you join our nutrition and wellness coaching program, together, we will:
  •  Set and achieve goals in an empowering and exciting way.

  •  Work to earn and maintain your desired weight.

  •  Understand your cravings in order to reduce them.

  •  See an increase in your energy levels.

  •  Learn to feel great in your own skin.

  •  Easily learn how to incorporate new foods into your diet.

  •  Improve interpersonal relationships.

  •  Unearth the confidence to create the very life you want!

Some Examples
We offer several programs to meet with your individual needs. Although unique, they all include:
  •  One 30 minute session per week or two 50-minute sessions per month.

  •  Healthy recipes that are simple to incorporate into your routine.

  •  Informative pamphlets that increase your knowledge of self-care and nutrition.

  •  E-mail support throughout.

  •  Coaching and encouragement to help you make the desired dietary and lifestyle changes.

  •  Our professional commitment to your success and health.

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