About Us

Oakland's Best Physical Trainers

Oakland's Best is the area's go to group for all things health and fitness! We are highly qualified and skilled gym owners and fitness professionals. Each fitness expert works with a wide variety of clients and is able to draw upon their own experiences as well as of those within our select group to best serve each person's needs. Each professional is experienced in health, medicine, wellness and fitness and takes pride in create well-balanced, challenging, and exciting exercise programs tailored exclusively to fit each client. We may have differing specialties, yet we all strive toward one common goal: to provide world-class service for the fitness and health of every single one of our clients. Our success is defined by your achievements. We are able to deliver consistent results due to the fact that we help you set goals and by creating a unique program just for you. We help ensure your success by giving you the support you need each step along the way. We maintain a friendly club atmosphere all the while maintaining strict business practices developed for success. Not only are we immersed in the business health and wellness training, we put our heart and soul into helping you become a success!

Our Club:

We offer a 4000 sq. ft beautiful brick facility in the Piedmont neighborhood of Oakland. We focus our facility's services to cater to both the health and fitness professional as well as their clients. We provide a positive environment that will suit all your fitness needs.

Quality Personal Attention:

Simply put, we are here for you. We'll work together to give you the encouragement and support you need in order to reach your highest potential. You'll never feel alone as our entire staff shares encouraging tips and are a wealth of knowledge on all subjects sports and fitness. Never hesitate to ask. We take pride in giving our clients a powerful combination of knowledge along with health & fitness techniques.


Are you a night owl or early bird? We've got you covered. Our facilities are always available. Your professional trainer has the authority to open and close the gym based on your needs. You'll never feel restricted by business hours again, simply set the time that suits you best.

Fitness Goals:

What are your Fitness goals? As Oakland's best personal trainers, we have a variety of exercise equipment, ranging from the functional to the traditional, in addition to many specialized pieces to help you reach your goals. Do you want to firm, tone, build muscle, or get buff? Bring it on. Want to thin out, lose weight, work toward a flat stomach? We're in it to win it. Looking for Group Training, Boot Camp, TRX, Boxing, Excursions, or General Wellness? We got your back. Our personal trainers have a wide range of skill sets and expertise-call us today to get matched with the perfect trainer!

Overall Wellness:

Whether it's preventative care, nagging pain, or injury, we are qualified to help. Everything from Therapuetic Massage, Chiropractic Care to Physical Therapy, and Sports Medicine, we make sure you are in good hands and are well taken care of. We accept all major insurance.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff:

We have staff accredited by all pertinent organizations. It is our aim to match you to your perfect personal trainer. It is our fundamental belief that we should offer only experienced and knowledgeable health and fitness professionals that will guide you through correct use of all exercise equipment while encouraging you to gently stretch your limits and reach your potential. It is imperative that each trainer at Oakland's Best be approachable and available to assist you every step of the way. We aim to facilitate the close personal connection integral to trainer and client success. We believe in you so much that YOUR GOALS become OUR GOALS. By taking one step at a time, together we will achieve maximum results in setting appropriate goals, plotting the course, and aiming for success!

Our Location

Fit Evolution

4139 Piedmont Ave,

Oakland, CA 94611

Phone. 510-394-2269

Email. fitevolutionoakland@gmail.com